Anna Rastas

Doctor of Social Sciences
Adjunct professor of social anthropology (Tampere University) and European ethnology (University of Helsinki)

I am a university lecturer and adjunct professor of social anthropology at Tampere University, and adjunct professor of European ethnology at the University of Helsinki. I am currently working on questions concerning intersectionality, decoloniality, and exhibitions as research. My Academy Research Fellow project Rethinking diasporas, redefining nations. Representations of African diaspora formations in museums and exhibitions (2015-2020), as well as my earlier research projects have focused on racism and anti-racism, ethnic and racialized relations, transnationalism, diaspora cultures, childhood and youth, epistemological questions concerning research on minorities and marginalized communities, as well as cultural production in multiethnic societies. Read more.

Faculty of Social Sciences (SOC)
33014 Tampere University, FINLAND
anna.rastas(at)tuni.fi , +358 40 1909845